Of all the things we teach in our martial arts programme,

the most important thing is..........

At Our Martial Arts School Your Child Will Learn:


  • The Importance of "Academic Achievement"

  • Self-Confidence

  • A postive mental attitude

  • Important child safety skills

  • And improved mental focus



And remember, "we're more than just a martial school........"

Our Junior Martial Arts Programme is designed for kids ageing from 7-14 years.

All classes cater for different levels. Whether they are a complete beginner or have done martial arts before. We have something to suit everyone.


JMAP is a developmental syllabus teaching kids martial arts such as Kickboxing, Grappling, Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Kali. The programme also teaches them life skills and how to deal with bullies.  JMAP is provided in a fun and friendly environment, teaching kid’s confidence, listening skills and values. JMAP is a process of development for your child allowing them to be in an environment where they can express who they are and be comfortable with it.  We have a belt structure in order to teach the kids focus and goal setting.


Below is one of our many parent's testimonials to our Academy:


My son has been training for 2 years now and he has achieved more than I expected, his self-confidence has improved tremendously - he really lacked this before joining but now he is really confident.  He has also learned self motivation, respect for elders and is always happy to assist others. When I enrolled him at the age of 9 my main aim, was for him to learn self-defence but over the years he has learned a lot more.  I would most certainly recommend the John McKean Academy to people of all ages.”


Angela Chivers